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heART Club

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heART Club

Pieces of My Art
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heART Club is an online painting club where you’ll learn to paint with less fear and discover a place where your heART finds creativity and freedom.

You’ll learn to find joy in colors and brush strokes and even mistakes, and embrace your uniqueness as an individual and an artist.

You will have the opportunity to paint LIVE with Laurie weekly in the private heART Club Facebook group.

I will keep this simple and teach just like I would in person.

I will help you paint without fear of mistakes or that it's not good enough.

I will show you how to create beautiful colors from just a limited palette.

I will show you how to make different textures with just a few brushes.

I will show you that you can do something you didn't know you could do.

~Laurie Rothwell

Pay for a FULL YEAR and get 2 months FREE! 


Let me show you how a blank canvas, a few colors and a couple of brushes can open up a whole new place in your heART for painting and creating.

3 LIVE painting tutorials per month
$120 value
Access to all the paintings in the video library
$800 value
Bonuses throughout the year
$240 value
Private Facebook Group to share, encourage and build life time friendships


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